Need help: Win16 Printer Driver colors, rotation

Need help: Win16 Printer Driver colors, rotation

Post by John R. Hagg » Fri, 13 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I have been writing a special-purpose, vector printer drive for controlling a
special engraving machine through a hardware interface we have.  I have come
up against a brick wall on a couple of features.

1.  I can't get colors to come through in graphics in any discernable way.  I
thought they'd come through as different pens or brushes or parameters in the
pen or brush structures in the graphics call.  I think I have the proper
enumeration and realization functions for pen and brush, too.  I suspect there
is some arcane setup parameter in the GDIINFO structure or something.

2.  I can't get text rotation to work.  If I print rotated text to my driver,
it sends me two or three calls requesting the size/extent (negative length
value), but never sends the call that actually prints it.

If you have any experience with printer drivers or any ideas please Email!  
There's money in it for you!  We'll pay a handful of consulting hours for
someone to review our code with us.


John Haggis
Millennium Research