Not enough storage error while writting to a stream

Not enough storage error while writting to a stream

Post by Dave Pugmi » Thu, 02 May 2002 22:57:36

I'm getting the "Not enough storage..." error while writting a large
amount of data to a stream within a structured storage. The error
occurs during IStream->Write()
Is there anyway to determine why that happened? There is plenty of VM
and disk space. What else could be exhausted?
The storage has one sub-storage (a VBA sub-storage) and then 10 or so
streams. A few of the streams are pretty large, it fails while
writting 128 MB of data to the largest of the streams.

One interesting thing: The storage I'm using is an in-memory storage
created on lockbytes. If I changed the storage to be a disk-based
storage, I don't get the problem.

Any ideas? Any tricks to get a more useful error message? Any tools to
monitor which system resouce is disapearing? Anyway to step into the
IStream::Write so I can see what is going on ?




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I've been trying to write activex controls to a storage and/or stream.
Writting isn't a problem and neither is reading.
The problem is that the control does not updates its view

I have created a small C++ ActiveX dll that has two methods (read, write).
They take an IDispatch pointer, and in these procedures i QI for the
IPersistXXX interfaces ......

I've tested this with a ListView control (VB6 sp3) on a VB form.
I add some ListItems, call the write method, restart the program, read the
stream or storage. I can see that the collection of ListItems if filled with
the original values, but the screen is not updated, not even after a call to
the Refresh method.

I have tried hiding and showing the control, resizing, iterating trou the
ListItems and setting some property, but all that does not change the

I experience the same with a Treeview control, MSFlexGrid control, ....

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