Help needed about network communication & security

Help needed about network communication & security

Post by Philippe » Wed, 31 Oct 2001 20:41:39

Sorry but my English isn't very good.
I have computers (win2k) connected on private network.
I have a Win32 API program that runs on a server (with
Administrator rights over the others computers), and i a
would like to launch a program (.exe) located on a
different computer (without any rights, it's the server
who have the administrators rights) of my private network
with this API.
I don't find the functions to do that, and i don't know
exactly how this would works.
If someone could help me, i appreciate that.



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My company wants to be able to use the NT Logon username and password to log
onto other applications, creating a "single logon" scenario.  This needs to
be done in both NT 4.0 and NT 3.51.

In the NT resource kit it states that the logon procedure is implemented as
a DLL so that third-party vendors can alter the process.  I want to be able
to get in there and cache the username and password before it is sent to the
security database to return the SID.

Ideas?  Suggestions?  A security newsgroup where I can repost this?

Michael Kelsey

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