D3D problem

D3D problem

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>Here's the thing. I've been using D3D for almost three month now but this
>week I tried to use the retained mode to make a simple 3d modeler for the
>game I'm working on. So, instead of making a windowed application, I
>decided to make fullscreen one and creating the Device from a DirectDraw
>surface but It doesn't work and I don't know what goes wrong. I've looked
>in my reference books and it seems I do everything like it's suppose to be
>done. So I began a new application without the modeler function, just
>initialisation and a triangle face, so I still can't make the device. I
>attached the code to this message, maybe it's my compiler or just some
>stupid thing I forgot to do. I recommend you to try to compile it before
>you look at it because it's probably that Borland Compiler I'm using. If it
>doesn't work , I hope you'll find where's the problem.

I had this identical problem with a game I was writing.  In fact it was Direct
Draw which wasn't working properly.  So, if this is the same problem then
locking an off-screen surface should cause an access violation exception.  This
problem stayed until we reinstalled the entire system, however I think that the
source of the problem was the DirectX runtime libraries, and removing them and
reinstalling a different version (3.0 or 5.0, not 4.01 something or other)
should do the trick. Maybe.

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