: Writing a Simple Windows 3.1 Shell

: Writing a Simple Windows 3.1 Shell

Post by Divya Sundar » Wed, 06 Oct 1993 07:11:49

Hi all,

Just wondering what is involved in writing a simple shell.
Having tried all the ones out there (that I could lay my
hands on) I would like to write my own. Any literature
that would help me on my way?



1. Maximize DOS shell window in Windows 3.1

If a DOS program is run inside Windows in a DOS window (not full screen) in
enhanced mode, can the window be made to maximize or enlarge by the program?
Can it be done?

If the window is not maximized or enlarged, not all the screen data is visible
(the program runs in 50-line text mode and is written in Turbo Pascal).

Obviously users can resize the window themselves, but I thought it might
be a "nice" feature to do this automatically!

In full screen, all 50 lines are displayed fine.

Martin. E. Bullivant.

In another time and place this could be funny.
    -- Troi, "Contagion", stardate 42609.1

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