2nd Post: Can a hyperlink-ed image change dynamically? (with a macro)

2nd Post: Can a hyperlink-ed image change dynamically? (with a macro)

Post by Jan » Wed, 06 Nov 2002 08:30:00


I'm posting this again because microsoft.public.word.programming seems
very inactive and I got no responses to my last post... This does
relates particularly to MS Word.

I wanted to know if it is possible to write a Macro (or any other code
for that matter) that dynamically changes the URL an image links to.

- I need to embed an image in a word document, that links to a
particular url. (For example:

- As you can see above, everytime the user clicks on a particular
image, the url will change since the data posted to the server-side
code will also change. This is why I need the url that the image is
linking to, to change dynamically.

- The Data Field contains all the information associated with the
document. (Maybe the document itself, can be sent as a binary stream
to the server?)


1. I have a document that I download with 10 areas to fill-up like a
2. After I download the document, I fill up 2 areas in the form, and
then I click the 'help' icon. (The help icon would potentially be like
a 'custom' office clippy)
3. After the help icon is clicked, the data from the document is read
by the macro and is posted (using http post) to a particular URL
(simply having the URL include the post data will automatically post
to the server) that responds (HTTP Response) by popping up an HTML
page saying "Thank You".
4. Once the data is posted to the server, I need to be able to
"reconstruct" the document with the data the user has entered.

Please advise, I would really like help here.



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Thanks in advance for you reply.

Yours truly,

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