Writing Directshow source filters and parser filters

Writing Directshow source filters and parser filters

Post by Nick Herodoto » Wed, 06 Nov 2002 07:29:15

I'm interested in writing a Directshow source filter
that will read from a custom file type and I would then
like to parse it for video frames using a parser filter.
I understand that the online documentation recommends
the pull model in this case.  Does anyone have any
pointers to any tutorials or even better some sample
source code for this case.  I understand that the
DirectShow 6 SDK had sample source code for an MPEG
parser but they've removed it in the DirectX 8 SDK
sample code.


Nick Herodotou


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I hadn't realised that it was possible for DirectShow filters to be low
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I'm confused about the lack of documentation issue. For a WDM filter
approach, there is a WDM generic filter example in the DDK under WDM/USB -
isn't this more or less all I need or is it missing a great deal? For a
DirectShow filter approach, aren't DirectShow filters well documented, or
is it specifically kernel-mode ones that are not?


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