Printing envelop using ms-word and HP Laser printer

Printing envelop using ms-word and HP Laser printer

Post by Munzer Haq » Wed, 16 Mar 1994 06:55:18

I am trying to print envelop using ms-word 2.0 and HP laser printer,
but the address is not printed at the proper place.

Does anybody know how to print envelop under ms-word 2.0?
I was using manual feed. Manual feed is done from the middle
of the tray in HP laser printer. MS-Word 2.0 prints at the
begining of the tray. Doe it require some kind of setup?

I will appretiate your help. Thanks.



Printing envelop using ms-word and HP Laser printer

Post by Michael Vinc » Thu, 17 Mar 1994 07:04:56

Could anyone please forward the PE.H file to me.  It is the
header file for executables (up to NT).  I have searched
through - perhaps I did not look good
enough.  I found some related articles, but none proved
to have it.


Best regards,

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Using Imaging application in start->program->accessary-
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Using start->program->accessary->paint , It did not hook
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