How to implement own UI of printer driver under NT 4.0

How to implement own UI of printer driver under NT 4.0

Post by cwh » Wed, 17 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Hi :
        I am working on printer driver of NT4.0 and try to implement own UI not
CPSUI style supplied by Microsoft. Could you have any suggestions ?

Any hints would be much appreciable !

Chu WoHuei


1. NT Printer driver UI dll : DrvDocumentPropertySheets.

Hi all,

        I tracked my 'invalid handle' (see my " URGENT : Odd NT printer driver
problem." in this newsgroup for more info on that) problem down to a
missing DrvDocumentPropertySheets export in my UI dll, so, I thought I
ought to get around to implementing it (I put it off because it didn't seem
to be called - well it wouldn't be called would it !) and I've got a couple
of queries about it :

        1. In the case where pPSUIInfo!=NULL, should DrvDocumentPropertySheets do
the same as my DrvDevicePropertySheets and, if so, can I just do :

                DrvDevicePropertySheets(pPSUIInfo, lParam);

        from within my DrvDocumentPropertySheets function ?

        2. Now for the case where pPSUIInfo==NULL - I've read the DDK docs on
DOCUMENTPROPERTYHEADER and I've looked at the Postscript UI sample (PSUI).
The combination of the two just confused me.
        PSUI appears to only implement the cases where fMode is either 0, DM_COPY
DM_OUT_DEFAULT are mentioned in the DOCUMENTPROPERTYHEADER, so, is this
just the same as DM_COPY (CPSUI handles them identically) and are these the
only cases I have to handle ?
        I see I can rule out DM_IN_PROMPT, because pPSUIInfo is always going to be


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