Detecting FlashWindow

Detecting FlashWindow

Post by Shaw » Sat, 01 Feb 2003 04:04:34

Does anyone know of a sure-fire way of detecting a flashing window?

I have a process which is running thru EnumWindows on a keypress that
attempts to find a flashing window and automatically bring it to the front.

WINDOWPLACEMENT, style, and styleEx appear to be the same for both flashing
and non-flashing windows.  It would seem that the system should have a flag
somewhere that indicates that the task bar entry should be inverted.




1. threads deadlock involving FlashWindow()


I have an application with 2 threads, the main thread that handles GUI, and
a background processing thread. The 2 threads share a critical section. Now
please consider the following sequence and see if it makes sense.

1. during processing, the background threads call EnterCriticalSection(&cs).

2. execution switches to main thread, which also calls
EnterCriticalSection(&cs), so the main thread is blocked now.

3. execution switches back to the background thread, and it calls
FlashWindow(hWnd), where hWnd is handled by the main thread.

4. FlashWindow() does not return, probably because it calls
SendMessage(hWnd,...) and the main thread can't process any message right
now. So the background thread is blocked too, and I have a deadlock.

well, at least that's what I THINK is happening, does it make sense ? Can
you expect FlashWindow() and other calls involving hWnd to block in step 4 ?

Thanks, By

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