MSVC - MS Fortran

MSVC - MS Fortran

Post by B Pickfo » Thu, 11 Jan 1996 04:00:00

A colleague has a large number of fortran routines which he wants
to use in a windows environment. I have been asked to write the
win3.1 front end in MSVC1.52.

A number of the routines are lengthy, and so will have to yield in
some way to the system so it doesn,t grind to a halt.

My first thought was to tell him to compile his source to a DLL, and
call it as any other.

Is this good bad or indifferent?

Have you done this, can you help?

TTFN Fraser



I want to call old F77 functions from
visual C++.

The executable will be a windows exe or DLL.

Has anyone out there done something like that ?

Any help will be appreciated.

What fortran compiler should I use, etc. ?


Gabe Schmera
NRaD, Code 772
San Diego, CA 92152-5001
(619) 553-1107

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