Hidden Shares

Hidden Shares

Post by The Brai » Wed, 25 Feb 1998 04:00:00


What API can I use to find Hidden Shares.  I am using WNetEnumResource() to
find shares but now I want to find Hidden share(Admin Shares C$, D$, ADMIN$
and so on).  Please help.  Thanks in advance...


Hidden Shares

Post by Felix Kasza [MV » Thu, 26 Feb 1998 04:00:00

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Sharp Mind/Brain,

you may want to apply your intellectual facilities to the creation of
shorter crosspost lists. The folks in the MFC groups will probably
thank you.

 > What API can I use to find Hidden Shares.

NetShareEnum(). Its use is obvious if you look at lmshare.h.


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1. Listing hidden shares on win95/98 machines

I have code now that will use WNetEnumResource to lists shares and
printers on a machine.   I just added NetShareEnum, which will list
hidden resources on NT machines.

So how do I list hidden resources/shares on 95/98 machines?

Also, if you are reading this, what d I have to do:

NetShareEnum( (char *) L"\\\\SERVER", ....)
  when one would think that
NetShareEnum( L"\\\\SERVER", .... )
  would work.  It tells me it can't convert from unsigned short [8] to
char *.

And if all it wants is a char *, then how come
doesn't work?  (On win2k)

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