Extract Server and Class Names from DLL File?

Extract Server and Class Names from DLL File?

Post by Neotec » Mon, 14 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I have this need to make an EXE in VB5 that I can drop ActiveX DLLs on so
that a listbox populates showing me the DLL's server.class instances, such


Then, I click a button and it automatically puts these into the ADCLaunch
area of the registry. The reason I put them there is so that I can
instantiate them over RDS/HTTP on the web.

Well, I am not able to do this with the Win32 API so far. Instead, I must
read the DLL in VB as a binary file and watch for certain bits in a certain
pattern. I had to be a propellerhead for two days to figure this pattern
out. This is about 90%-99% accurate, but is slow and does have that risk
that it doesn't pick up the pattern properly.

I can read your C code. If you know of a way to read server and class names
for DLLs properly in C, I can likely translate this into VB5.

Thank you.

Mike McKee

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