Can NT 4.0 Printer Driver Perform File I/O?

Can NT 4.0 Printer Driver Perform File I/O?

Post by Steve Bockma » Sun, 29 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I am writing a new complete printer driver (based on the PSCRIPT driver) for
Windows NT 4.0, and would like to be able to open and output to one or more
logging files.

I have attempted to use the Zw... functions (e.g. ZwCreateFile, ZwWriteFile)
without success.

Could someone please clue me as to the proper way to perform file I/O from a
printer driver?


1. Porting Win95 printer driver & port monitor to NT 4.0

Hi all,

        I've written a Windows 95 printer driver, port monitor and VxD to drive a
card printer. Now, the printer uses a slightly odd communication method -
it uses a combination of a COM port and direct I/O mapped port I/O, so
under the approach I followed under win95 was as below :

        1. Created minidriver with unitool.
        2. Hooked into STARTDOC, NEXTBAND, ENDDOC and ABORTDOC.
        3. Wrote port monitor & VxD to handle communication COM port and I/O

        I hooked into STARTDOC, NEXTBAND, etc because I needed to do some
pre-processing (convert to CMYK, dithering and so on) on the image data.

        Now I need to write an NT version of the drivers and I'm a little unsure
as to how to proceed, well, from the relevant section in NT DDK Docs I've
come up with the following 2 possibilities :

        1. Write FULL driver and port monitor (I'd rather not).
        2. Create minidriver, using RasDD, and write a port monitor.

        ATM, option 2 seems the best, but there's a few things I'm not sure about:

        1. Is CBFilterGraphics the only way I can hook into the minidriver ?
        2. Is CBFilterGraphics described in more detail anywhere (I need to know
things like how much of the image will lpBuf point to when CBFilterGraphics
is called (do I get bands or the full image) and exactly what should this
function actually do (do I need to copy the block of memory before changing
it, etc, etc)) ?
        3. Can I just use the port monitor from my '95 driver ?
        4. Where, if needed, can I find more info on NT port monitor development ?
        5. Is there a better source of documentation than the DDK Docs ?

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