looking for game developers

looking for game developers

Post by Square Wheel Studi » Tue, 17 Oct 1995 04:00:00


        Square Wheel Studios Inc. is a Software
Development and Publishing corporatio n in search
of unique and commercially viable * software.
We are mainly interested in IBM PC (DOS,
Windows and OS/2) and MAC based software.

We can offer your product:
        -North American Distribution
        -Technical Support (800 Service)
        -CD ROM software
        -Complete Marketing
        -Packaging; Both Artwork and Production
        -Selling within large retail stores.

        If you have a software package that has
marketing potential, then we would like to hear from
you. If you have a sample of your work or any
pending projects, you may submit them to the
following address:

        Square Wheel Studios Inc.
        Evaluation Department
             997 Decarie Suite 201
             St Laurent, Quebec
             H4L 3M7    Canada
             Tel (514) 745-3123
             Fax(514) 745-3508

Or for more information you may contact us at our
internet address or check out our WEB SITE:

Compuserve: 75451,2475


All demos and other submissions are kept in strict
We thank you for your interest.


1. Attention: Looking for game developers!

Greetings all,

If you're into playing or developing multiplayer strategy games, come check
out http://www.PerimeterGames.com . This isn't simply an attempt to get more
traffic, we've got that covered already! Our post here is only a sincere
attempt to reach out to other developers like ourselves, considering our
limited advertising budget. Perimeter Games is something special, and very
different from other sites that claim to be community sites. We can do
things for your game development that you can't find elsewhere, including
Source Forge. We don't pander to tens of thousands of assorted development
projects like they do. Our focus is strictly multiplayer, browser-based
strategy games! Our writers cover showcase articles about the developers and
their projects in detail, and we also support various projects with forum
space and game staffing.

Perimeter Games is the premier strategy game development community on the
web. We represent a large and growing group of open and private source
developers who have joined together to bring you free games, and lots of
them! You can come play our games, and win free prizes through our summer
games contests as well. Our games are generally strategy games, and many of
them are based on actual board games & bbs doors that were proven to be
popular in their hayday. Now you can play them on the web!

If you're a developer looking for a better player base for your game, or
you've developed something new that needs to be showcased,
PerimeterGames.com is the community site you should consider joining. We
offer a wide variety of support for our new developers, including free
domain hosting space in exchange for simple banners linking back to our main
community site. If you need developers for your project, or simply a place
to get your game exposed, this is the place for you!

Tim Frame

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