upload requirements for web hosting

upload requirements for web hosting

Post by Daniel Donghoon Pa » Thu, 25 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Hi all,

I have been searching on the internet and the newsgroup archives but I haven't been able to find the information that I need.

I am wondering if there are any benchmarks/requirements for the amount of upload speed needed to handle roughly X

I guess at this point, even "educated guesses" are welcome.  

This is so that I can determine how much upload speed I will need to host a website and if DSL is even an option.

I am looking for a list like (these numbers are just an example and are NOT going to be accurate)

upload speed            page view/day   concurrent connections that it can handle
128K                    1,000           10
384K                    10,000          50
1.5MB                   1,000,000       1,000

to my understanding, a 128K upload will only allow for 128Kbsp at any given time.  so if theoretically there are 10 people all
downloading a big file, they will be downloading at a maximum of 1.28Kbsp each, not 128Kbsp each.

i'm not running a warez site or anything like that...just html so more likely it will be a lot of people hitting html pages,
reading, then hitting another one, etc.  i don't want to go with my current web hosting company because i am too limited in
what i can do.  i need to be able to run my own servers (web, imap, database, application server, etc.).



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