Alcatel SpeedTouch USB

Alcatel SpeedTouch USB

Post by Giles Anders » Sat, 15 Dec 2001 04:26:15

What can I say but, 'help'.

I'll cut to the chase. Installed the drivers for Alcatel's SpeedTouch
USB modem. Pluged said modem in. Computer stopped at installing
software for new hardware - had to Ctrl-Alt-Del. Uninstalled drivers,
checked USB port with other device - worked fine.

Downloaded version 1.4 of the drivers - using my dial-up - and tried
again. It worked fine. For two days.

Then lost connection so unplugged modem, as told to do by telco, and
reconnected and rebooted. PC found new hardware, got stuck. To cut a
long story short, have now self-powered USB hub - in case of
motherboard power problems - and now can't attach the modem without it
crashing my machine. It doesn't even get to the installing new
software - the modem's lights just go from red (left), both green,
then both off and then back again, as if the power goes on and off in
some sort of cycle. Eventually this stopped my computer from starting
and corrupted my windows 98SE.

If anyone can help - the people at my telco (BT for you Pommes out
there) - don't seem to have a clue, although they are sending round
someone to check out the modem.

If this helps, I'm running a pentium 3 700 MHz with around 300Mb of
RAM with what I think is a VIA Tech 4 motherboard.

Thanks in advance and if you want to privately email me you can at

too early it seems ;-))