DSL NOW in USWEST territory...I can test your line...Today!

DSL NOW in USWEST territory...I can test your line...Today!

Post by robh » Tue, 12 May 1998 04:00:00

If you are interested in xDSL service and you live in USWEST's service area
please call me & see if it is available on your phone line. DSL starts at
40.00 per month & there is a great installation special going on now. Call
me at 602 655-2235. Or call 1 800-244-1111 and ask to be transfered to Rob H
in Phoenix at extention 665-2235. Leave me a voice-mail & I'll call you
right back.
I'd love to hook you up at +256k!!!


1. canceled uswest dsl today, called tci-@home

No more portmapping, being stuck with ppp, fake ip address,    games,net
meeting,iqc,etc.. not working..
My dsl hasnt worked this month, uswest keeps canceling my repairs because by
there computer everything is fine. I was told it would be fixed by last
weekend, today I was told it would be fixed in 2 weeks. Twice Ive taken my dsl
outside and pluged it into the phone box driectly, and still wouldnt
connect,so I know its not in my house..

The repair lady that called me back today didnt know what a dsl was, and didnt
understand how my internet couldnt work if I could dial my phone, and uswest
didnt have anything to do with my internet working or not, as long as I knew
the number to dial...

My friend tried to get uswest dsl installed, he ended up with his phone being

months and he not had 1 problem..

I called tci 10 minutes ago, they set my cable modem install for 11 days..Last
time I called uswest megabit service it was a little under 2 hours on hold.
Tci was 1 ring the 2 times i called today..
Hay, free install and first month free, and 30 days to try it and cancel it if
I dont like it...Thats a 189.95$ value..(add in the paper)

for 4 months now, never gone down and has gotten 80k per second from the web,
and faster than I can count from tci(i d/l a 3.5 meg mp3 audio file on his
computer in like 15 or 17 seconds, from a newsgroup)...And all his games have
always  just worked..No port mapping crap...

Hopefully uswest will find a better way then portmapping to get games and
things to working in the future or this type of dsl could end up as not much
more than a good web-tv connection, but web-tv users wouldnt pay 50$ per

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