DSL with 2 computers - Help please ...

DSL with 2 computers - Help please ...

Post by Gavin and Tonya Ouckam » Tue, 23 Jan 2001 11:40:46

Hi there,

This is my first experience with a router so forgive me for my
ignorance :)

I have DSL with a Cisco 675 router.

I would like to create a network of two computers.  Lets call the computers
Computer One and Computer Two.  Computer One uses 2000 and Two uses Win98.

Computer one is connected to the router and the DSL service is my employer.
Computer one logs into the employers NT domain.  I have access to the

What I would like:

I would like Computer One and Two to transfer files between each other and
share printers.

I would like Computer Two to use the internet.

I don't want others in the domain to see Computer Two, nor do I want
Computer Two to have access to the resources on the domain.


1. Can this be done?

2. Can this be done via a hub or another NIC in one of the computers? I
would prefer a hub as I do not have to construct an crossover cable.

3. How do I setup the router to accomodate this setup?

Thanks for all of your help.