Exposure with Sygate/Wingate for sharing PC on LAN

Exposure with Sygate/Wingate for sharing PC on LAN

Post by Jim » Sun, 03 Jan 1999 04:00:00

>Second question, can you determine from my header what my machine's
>address is?  I have been in contact with BS and several occasions on
>this issue and will provide your feedback as evidence of a security

Yes, and unfortunately so, since I'm on the same setup as you  :-(

I did have to know one octet myself. Other posts have revealed that octet. It
appears they have been changing how their news server operates over the last



1. Sygate, Wingate, and file sharing....

Hi all. I read on a website that when using Sygate to share a cable
modem connection not to enable the server to file share (meaning the
file and print sharing option of Windows 95/98) with client/s (it said
client/s could file share with the server though). It said this was
because the server was the main gateway to the internet and enabling
file sharing from the server to clients would also enable someone from
the internet to access the server's files (which I don't want). Can
someone please confirm whether this is true or not. I plan on using
Wingate so can anyone tell me if this is also true with Wingate please?
If so why? I'd really like all the computers on my home LAN (server and
client/s) to share files with eachother. If both Wingate and Sygate have
this problem does anyone know know of any software that doesn't. Thanx
in advance for your help!!

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