HELP! Long Delay reaching POP server

HELP! Long Delay reaching POP server

Post by Tige Richardso » Sat, 26 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Hi everyone,

I am a Megabit customer.  I recently had my account
converted from bridge mode to PPP.  After the conversion I have had *very*
long delay periods when logging into the POP3 server to retrieve my e-mail.
My account is configured for "" for both my POP and SMTP
server.  I ran a traceroute to host IP below.  As you can see
I am experiencing about a 1 minute round-trip delay while getting to the

I do have two home PCs on this LAN and am running NAT on the router.  Here
is the IP address allocation:    Router of course    PC #1    PC #2

Other than the POP problem my connection works flawlessly.  Any suggestions
on how to fix this?  It is an extremely long time to wait for this type of
connection.  Previously (in bridge mode) checking e-mail for all accounts
took less than 1 second.....I am not sure if it is something to do with the
router config, my network settings, or something on USWest's end...

Your advice is greatly appreciated...




--- looking up host
--- traceroute to [],
    30 hops max, 18 byte packets

  1  []  1 ms
  2.  *
  3.  *
  4  []  27 ms

--- traceroute statistics for
    4 packets transmitted, 2 received
    round-trip time (ms) min 1, avg 14, max 27


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