SMB, WIN95 and MTU !!

SMB, WIN95 and MTU !!

Post by Ian Harpe » Sat, 09 May 1998 04:00:00

Does anyone know of a way of increasing throughtput to a SAMBA drive, we
are trying to set up a secondary server to show how great Linux is and how
stable/invisible to teh user it is but there appears to be a speed problem
compared to an NT server.

We thought it may be something to do with MTU's but are unsure of where to
modify and what value to modify to. Any help would be welcome.

Ian Harper


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I found the following article on this website...

In my situation I have a router performing PPPoE for me
(an efficient networks or linksys in most situations)

Here's the setup:

Static IP
DSL Router
External NIC
Small Business Server (ISA Server)
Interal NIC
Win2k and WinXP Clients

My question is on what machines or server does the MTU
need changed. From the server and the client i can ping -
f -l 1464 for a reply so I assume the MTU size needs to
be 1492. But just on client computers or also on the
server. And on one or both nics on the server (it is SBS
so it also has Exchange if that matters)

Please advise as I occasionally have SMTP problems and
want to firm up a process for installing in DSL
situations. THANKS SO MUCH!


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