Win95 'map network drive at logon' doesn't work when I use DHCP?

Win95 'map network drive at logon' doesn't work when I use DHCP?

Post by Rob Yampolsk » Fri, 17 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I've been using samba to map my home directory on an rs/6000 to a drive
on my Win95 PC.  It's always worked fine, including the 'reconnect at
logon' option.

I just switched my machine to get its IP configuration via DHCP from a
linux system.  The DHCP stuff works fine, but now my samba drive doesn't
mount (it shows up in 'my computer', but can't access it).  If I then
map the drive manually, it works.

Is there something about the order in which Win95 processes DHCP and
network mappings at startup that makes this not work?  Is there
something I can do to get it to work again?

Rob Yampolsky
Columbine JDS Systems, Inc.


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situation: we've got a rather large network ( ~200 NT-Clients / 8
Samba-servers (Solaris 2.5.1) ) in which we try to use the
unix-homedirectorys as extended storage areas.

As the users-homedirs are spread over the servers and automatically
crossmounted to the other servers, we would like to use the "nis
homedir" feature.

Howerver I'm not shure how to activate this, the man pages seem to be a
litlle sparese on that.

So is there anyone around, who as a working configuration?

How is the feature realized (protocolwise)? Is the connection-request
replaced and answered by the other server, or does the first server
function as request-broker ?

        Marc Franzmeier
iss innovative software services GmbH

Nobelstr. 15 - 70569 Stuttgart


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