Question on Special Characters in MS-Win File Names on Shares

Question on Special Characters in MS-Win File Names on Shares

Post by » Mon, 30 Jun 2003 00:05:26

Hi All,

I finishing up some backup code to copy MS-Win shared files over to a Linux
machine.  Special characters (trademark,registration, etc.) can be retrieved
from the share with the smbc_getdents call (I can output the special
characters from the holding buffer), but a subsequent request to open that
entry (struct smbc_dirent *)dirp->name fails with error: No such file or

So, how can I, using libsmbclient, open these files?

I'm running Samba 2.2.8a on a 2.4.21 Linux kernel.

I'm no expert Linux developer, so it's possible that I'm doing something
blatantly wrong.  However, since I can retrieve and view the file name with
the special symbols, I would have thought that the smbc_open call would also
work (O_RDONLY,0666).

Thank you all!


1. "\" Character In Share Name of smb.conf

Hi -

I have a UNIX host that has a shared filesystem path of "/usr/users" and I would like to access this from a Windows 2000 client as


In the smb.conf file I have a section

  path = /usr/users
  comment = usr_users

From the Windows side:

% net view \\unixhost
    usr\users    Disk    usr_users

So the Windows client sees the share on the UNIX Server.

% dir \\unixhost\usr\users
    The system cannot find the file specified

However, I cannot access the UNIX resource.

Can I have a "\" character in a share name?  What is the magic to get this to work?

If I change the smb.conf file to (replace the "\" character with a "_" character)

  path = /usr/users
  comment = usr_users

Then the Windows command

% dir \\unixhost\usr_users

works just fine as I can see the files on the UNIX resource.

Note, the OS is OSF v4.0 and I'm running SAMBA v1.19.7p4.


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