Redhat Linux 7.1/7.3 hangs completely when doing LS on smbfs.

Redhat Linux 7.1/7.3 hangs completely when doing LS on smbfs.

Post by Will Hatch » Sat, 29 Mar 2003 06:23:34


I am using samba client on RedHat Linux 7.1 (and 7.3).  I am using the
samba version that came with each respective box.  I have a problem
that is somewhat reproducible, although I am still not sure the exact
steps.  Basically, Linux COMPLETELY hangs, with no responsiveness at
all.  No messages in /var/log/messages.

I am connecting to a CIFS share on a Windows server.  I have a Linux
client and a Window 2K client.  The problem seems to occur when I
modify files from both Windows and Linux clients at the same time.

One way that seems to reproduce it is if I delete files via the
Windows client and then do an 'ls' on the mounted directory on the
Linux client.  But this doesn't *always* cause it.  Also, it is
possible that you have to be root to cause the hang, but again I
cannot yet confirm that.  The problem is, unfortunately, intermittent.

Thanks for any help.


1. That's not the correct CDROM error installing SGI XFS with Redhat Linux 7.3

From the README-RH-VERSIONS file on the SGI ftp site:

Red Hat has released an updated version of the Red Hat Linux 7.3 installer,
and the original versions are no longer available.

Look on your first Red Hat Linux 7.3 CDROM for a file called ".disc1-i386"

If the first line of this file is:


Then you can use the iso image (RH7.3-SGI-XFS-1.1.iso) as-is.

If the first line of this file is:


then you have the newer version of the Red Hat Linux installer, and you
will need to patch the iso file (RH7.3-SGI-XFS-1.1.iso) for it to recognize
your cdroms.

To do this, download both RH7.3-SGI-XFS-1.1.iso and the xdelta patch
"new-rh-7.3-patch.xdelta" to the same directory.  Then issue the

xdelta patch new-rh-7.3-patch.xdelta RH7.3-SGI-XFS-1.1.iso

This will produce a new file (RH7.3a-SGI-XFS-1.1.iso) which will work
with your installation media from Red Hat.

Information on the xdelta application can be found at

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