Samba FAQ

Samba FAQ

Post by Mark » Mon, 23 Jun 2003 06:41:14

Updated my web site with a few FAQ's. The page is bit rough, however I
hope to have it cleaned up and with proper links back to the homepage in
the next couple of days

Samba Setup Guide


1. One for the Samba FAQ...

I saw someone earlier with the same problem, and the reply was simply "don't
worry about it."  Well, I'm worried.

I have a Linux RAID-0 8-gig array that I've shared out; NT sees it as a 4-gig
share, Windows 95 sees it as a 2-gig share, and the real-mode DOS Lanman client
sees it as a 4-gig share.  Unfortunately, I am streaming 6-gig files to this
drive, through an app that is drivespace-sensitive.

I'm using patchlevel 5, but since the earlier post concerned patchlevel 8, I
don't think that upgrading to the latest version will solve my problem.

Any thoughts?  Is this a 'known problem?'  TIA.

David Hopper
Global Event Services, Inc.

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