So close it hurts

So close it hurts

Post by wayn » Thu, 27 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Thanks to the help from folks in this group I am real close to having
everything working the way I want.

Here is what I have:

Samba server with 2 NIC's, it is the WINS server, and the local and domain
master browser
Subnet A with 5 Windows 98 machines and TCP/IP printer, the workgroup on
this subnet, "Development", is the one Samba is made part of in smb.conf
Subnet B with 4 windows 98 machines,  workgroup is "Tech"

Network neighbourhood shows an icon for both workgroups under entire network
Subnet A machines can browse anywhere in "Development" but can not see an
icon for any  machine in "Tech".   When clicking on the "Tech"  icon the
error reported is "Tech not accessible"  It is possible however to access
any machine in subnet B by typing \\machine_name.   Machines in subnet B
however can select the  "Development"  icon and see the icons for all the
machines in Subnet  A.

Ping works from anywhere to anywhere.  Both subnets can print to the TCP/IP

How do I get machines in A to see icons for machines in B under "Tech"


Wayne Roberts


1. Spontaneous uninstallation (It’s true)

Youre not going to believe this, and no, Im not smoking crack.  This
has happened twice and I have no idea why.  Im running SMS 2.0 SP1 on
a central site server with SQL 7.0 installed locally.  Ive been having
problems installing secondary sites over the network and I decided to
uninstall a secondary site using the wizard, I used the Deinstall, not
detach.  After that I was working away in the MMC when an error popped
up and said I needed to close the MMC and restart.  Ok, no problem, I
closed the MMC, went through the start menu to restart it and it said
it couldnt find SMS.MSC.  Thats funny.  I went to my data drive and
the only thing there was the MSSQL directory.  I cussed up a storm but
that didnt help anything.  Basically SMS, SMSData, and the CAP
directories were gone.  I looked all over, in the recycle bin, under my
desk, and I couldnt find them.  Then I looked in the registry and the
SMS key was there under Software but only had a few entries.  How could
this happen?  It appears to me instead of uninstalling my secondary
site SMS uninstalled my primary site.  I know I selected the secondary
site to deinstall.  I havent installed the hotfixes, Im going to do
that today.  Has anyone ever seen this or can anyone give me advice on
keeping this from happening?  Thanks.

Bill Heinson, MCP+I, MCSE, N+

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Before you buy.

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