'logon server' or 'domain logons'?

'logon server' or 'domain logons'?

Post by Trevor Ker » Tue, 26 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Samba2 installed on RedHat (2.0.35) server for home network with one NT4 and
two Win95 workstations.
Trying to finetune the 'roaming profiles'. Server=user. Have svrmgr and it
shows Samba as PDC when NTworkstation is logged into the domain.

smb.conf and man pages refer to 'domain logons' to set for Win95 clients.
But, further down man pages, reference to "logon server" to be set, to use
'logon drive', 'logon home' and 'logon path'.
I wonder whether 'domain logon' and 'logon server' refer to the same

Also, do 'roaming profiles' apply to requests from NT?

And, the default pathway given for 'roaming profiles' is different in
smb.conf (file) and man for smb.conf.

Trevor Kerr
Melbourne, Australia


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I've been using samba to map my home directory on an rs/6000 to a drive
on my Win95 PC.  It's always worked fine, including the 'reconnect at
logon' option.

I just switched my machine to get its IP configuration via DHCP from a
linux system.  The DHCP stuff works fine, but now my samba drive doesn't
mount (it shows up in 'my computer', but can't access it).  If I then
map the drive manually, it works.

Is there something about the order in which Win95 processes DHCP and
network mappings at startup that makes this not work?  Is there
something I can do to get it to work again?

Rob Yampolsky
Columbine JDS Systems, Inc.

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