Solaris 2.5 examples please

Solaris 2.5 examples please

Post by Timberlin » Sat, 31 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Hello Samba Folks:

Would someone please post (or email) their smb.conf file
please ? I need a working example for Solaris 2.5

I've been experimenting with Samba but have been unable to
get the following working (everything else works great):

- SAMBA domain
   I want to be able to use Samba as our primary authentication
   server. I've compiled Samba 1.9.18p2 with the -DNTDOMAIN
   switch. When I do this, I cannot gain any kind of access
   to the samba server (no files access to shares, I cannot
   join the SAMBA domain)

   When I compile without the switch, I can access files
   and volumes with no troubles, but still cannot join the
   SAMBA domain.

-  printing
   I keep getting an "The printer name is invalid" error
   message when I try to connect to a SAMBA printer. I
   tried setting up printing in a variety of ways.
   (printcap file = lmstat, printcap file = /opt/samba/lib/printcap)

I am using a custom account for the Samba guest account. I
called the account samba. I wonder if that had an effect on

Your help is appreciated in advance,


Mike Houle.

(just remove the CAPITAL letters from the above
 address to get my real address)