Can samba connect 2 different bcast-add. so that browsing works?

Can samba connect 2 different bcast-add. so that browsing works?

Post by Veli-Pekka Lehtosaa » Sat, 16 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I think there has been some discussion conserning this, but at least I
haven't had this working, YET.

I have an NT 3.51 and linux (with samba-1.9.15p8) in my own c-class
ip-network. I can browse this c-class:s computers fine (maybe not
using samba), but I can't browse another c-class:s computers. I can
connect to them, if I know their current resources (I have to
configure sambas lmhosts-file).

So is there some way to configure samba so, that I can see my own
c-class as one network(folder) and another c-class is in another
folder, browseable. In another c-class, there are Windows NT 3.51 wins
server, but no samba.

I think this could be set somehow by configuring sambas broadcast
addresses, but I couldn't configure my samba so, that browsing works?

If someone knows something abt. this, please write.


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