Samba and Win95 long filenames - working

Samba and Win95 long filenames - working

Post by Andrew.Tridge » Tue, 28 Mar 1995 22:14:47

I've had a bit of success with the NT LM 0.12 and NT LANMAN 1.0

This means long filenames in Win95 now seem to work. It's probably very
buggy as the code is only a couple of hours old, but if you want to
try it then grab 1.9.09alpha1.

This might also fix some things for NT. It might give us the "dual
names" that are needed for 16 bit apps to work properly. I haven't
tested with NT (I haven't been able to kick my wife off her machine
all afternoon) so it's also possible that I've broken things badly

The dual names do work under Win95. This means old dos apps see
mangled 8.3 names whereas Win95 apps see long names. It's interesting
that the file manager (winfile) is an "old" app and sees 8.3
names. The "explorer" and the "network neighborhood" see long names.

So, could I get a few Win95 and NT testers?

Note that you will either have to use "protocol = NT1" or no "protocol
=" line at all, otherwise you won't see the new protocol. (I've
changed the default max protocol to NT1)

Oh yes, I also updated smbclient so it can see long filenames on Win95
as well.


PS: The date and time handling in the code for the new protocol
doesn't seem that great. We'll need to improve the code in that area.
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