Samba Suse + Windoze XP

Samba Suse + Windoze XP

Post by Charles Johnso » Thu, 05 Jun 2003 04:31:31

Despite having read the man pages and other literature, i'm having a little
trouble conceptualising the client/server split in our particular situation.

We have a Suse 8.1 box connected to an XP box with a crossover Ethernet
cable. There are shares on the XP box, and a printer we want to access from
the Suse box. smbclient has been installed on the Suse box.

1. Was this necessary to do what we want?
2. Where is the Samba server in this case? Do we have to install that too,
or is the XP box acting as a 'Samba server'
3. Once i've got the above clear, i'm sure i can figure out the rest myself,
but any useful pointers would be welcome, such as where the best place to
initialise the configuration is!