Problems writting to OpenVMS disks using Samba

Problems writting to OpenVMS disks using Samba

Post by Lloyd Adam » Sat, 08 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I have Samba for OpenVMS 1.9.16p4, and can successfully see from NT 4.0 two
of my exported OpenVMS file systems.  One of these I can write to with no
problems, the other I get various strange effects.  For example, trying to
drag file test.txt into fold fred, I am asked if I wish to overwrite fred
with test.txt. (?)

When I can successfully write a file, usually top level directory, I then
have problems deleting or renaming it.

Both disks are rz28's (2GB).  One difference is that one of the exported
file systems is actually a Pathworks service, and so may have some strange
ACL's associated with it.

Anyone got any ideas ?

Lloyd Adams
Support Manager
Laser-Scan Ltd., Cambridge


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JOhn Anderson


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