Samba and user connections.

Samba and user connections.

Post by David Coulb » Fri, 15 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I know we are using an old samba version 1.8.05 but we cannot upgrade due
to problems with the kernel.  we have this problem with our server.

When a WFWG client connects to a share with user =root and group =root
settings in smb.conf one pc connects as user root(all is well).  Another
pc connects as username with valid uid,gid as in passwd file?
We have a similar problem to this on another share.  except I am trying
to force them to be user = guest, but still the pc client connects as

Any theories.

enclosed smb section.

path = /www
read only = no
public = no
browsable = no
create mode = 0775
user = root
group =root
available =yes

Any thoughts?

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