Win printer driver name for GhostScript driver

Win printer driver name for GhostScript driver

Post by Bernd Prage » Sun, 07 Oct 2001 14:05:24


I succesfully installed GhostScript 7.0 on Linux 2.4.10 with hpijs0.97
driver for my HP DJ640C and I decided to select the
'Apple Color LaserWriter 12/600' for printing from Windows 2K
with Samba 2.2.0.

Everything seems to work fine except that I get on the end of my printed
documents an additional page with something like:

---------- snip -----------------------------------
%%[Page: 1]%%
                            %%[Page: 2]%%
                                                        %%[Last Page]%%
---------- snip -----------------------------------

Does anybody has an idea where that comes from and how I can prevent that?
Do I have to select a different driver?

Thanks for help or any ideas?

-- Bernd


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Hi Guys

The MCSE manuals say that when you connect to a printer
server with win9x, winNT or win2k, the printer server
automatically downloads the correct printer driver to the
client computer.

Question: is this behaviour only exhibited by win2k server
i.e. using a shared printer, connected to a          
win2k professional box, never results in the driver being

Cheers all


P.S. Have any off you guys done 70-240 an how did it feel ?
4 hours long  I am told.

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