SMB 1.9.15p8 Sparc 1/Win95

SMB 1.9.15p8 Sparc 1/Win95

Post by Howard Huntl » Sun, 09 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I need a listing showing the proper directories to place all the files

I got the pre compiled binary SAMBA file and uncompressed it onto my
SPARC 1 system in the urs/local which created a samba/, bin/, and the
other set..... based on the DIAG. I tend to feel that this set of
directories and file locations is incomplete . All the TCP/IP seemes
to be ok. I am attempting to connect to a Win95 system from my SPARC
1. I can't make the network connection with SAMBA.

Please advise me as to the proper directory names and locations for
the precompiled binaries???

NetCom's NetComplete v3.2/Eudora Pro v3.01/Forte Agent v.99g/Win95/SUN SPARC 1


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Hi All,
I have two problems with samba 1.9.15p8
The first is that when I copy a file created on Win95
to my UNIX account, the name of the file is changed
to all lower case letters.
I tried to use "case sensitive = yes" but once I enabled
the option, the PC's could not find the UNIX mount point,
so I'm not sure if that is the correct flag.

The second problem is that files are copied with the
"control M" sign (DOS mode), and I have to run a dos2unix
program on them. Is there a way to make samba set the
carriage-return ?

Thank you for your help

Tee Kremener

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