HELP Please: Samba & Windoze ME

HELP Please: Samba & Windoze ME

Post by jkim » Sun, 06 May 2001 03:07:34

I have noticed a problem accessing Samba Shares via Windoze Explorer.  I
get the "Blue Screen of Death"  however when I access the share other
ways it is Fine.

Does anyone know of an issue with Win ME Explorer and Samba?

Better Yet, does anyone have a solution to the problem?



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I have the following code in an ASP page in a public folder on my Exchange
2000 server:
Set objUser = getObject("WinNT://" & sDomain & "/" & sUser)

If I log on locally(on the exchange server) and go to the page via IE then
this code works perfectly.
However if I try to get to it from another machine it just says:
Error Type:
/public/DocRepSchema/DOCREP_DEFAULT.ASP, line 78

If you have any ideas what the problem could be your help would be much


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