Errors setting up printer drivers in 2.2.0

Errors setting up printer drivers in 2.2.0

Post by Tony Grov » Tue, 12 Jun 2001 18:25:29

Hi, I am having the same problem,

I get the Printer drivers to install on the Linux machine so that NT can see
them, But when I restart the Linux machine it loses all the setting and NT
cannot see them any more.

If anyone has see this problem and has resolved it, Please Help


Quote:> Per the updated PRINTER_DRIVER2.txt instructions, I have met the
> following conditions for my shared printer:

>  - added a share called [print$] with subdirectories W32X86 and WIN40

>  - ensured that root (as well as my day-to-day logon) are in the
> ntadmin group, and told smb.conf that ntadmin has write permissions to
> the [print$] share.

>  - logged on (from the NT workstation) as root to ensure that I am
> using uid 0 to access/modify the ntdrivers.tdb file

>  - set file permissions to the print$ directory (/pub/drivers) to 777
> (not necessary per the docs, but I'm getting desperate).

> When I log on as root and browse the printers folder, I can pull up
> the shared printer and it defaults to NO DRIVER AVAILABLE.  I then
> choose to change drivers, select the directory containing the drivers
> for that printer, and they copy into /pub/drivers/W32X86 correctly.
> But just before the process completes, NT says:
> Unable to change to the specified driver.  Original settings will be
> restored.

> log.mymachinename says:
> move_driver_to_download_area(1331)
> move_driver_to_download_area: unable to rename [W32X86/PCL5E6L.dll] to
> [W32X86/2/PCL5E6L.dll]

> There is a /2 subdirectory under W32X86, and it too has full
> read/write permissions for root (and others).  W32X86 does
> get populated with driver files from the source directory.

> Has anyone successfully been able to create printer drivers for a
> Samba shared printer under 2.2.0?  Can you see anything I'm obviously
> doing wrong here, or do you need more information?  Does anyone
> recognize that error message?  Help!

> So far a workaround is to add the printer locally in NT as LPT1, then
> NET USE LPT1 \\Myserver\HP6 (the printer share name).  But it means
> I have no queue control from the NT workstation... and I hate using
> a kludge when there's supposed to be a "right" solution!

> Any advice, pointers to documentation that I haven't read, or general
> ridicule will be cheerfully accepted here or via email.

> Peter B. Steiger
> Cheyenne, WY
> ----
> If you reply by email, send it to pbs at com dot
> canada (or vice-versa).  All adverti*ts will be
> returned to your postmaster, eh!


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