Need Help!

Need Help!

Post by R-G- » Sat, 06 Apr 2002 12:18:42

Hey guys I gotta problem... I need some Help.

I got my samba server running and configured alright, I can access it using
the \\machineName from windows 2000, because I can't see it from "My Network

everything seems to be alright(group name and everything), I guess its not
showing up because the linux box name I got is not upper case, cause when I
search for computers I can find it, but it starts with b instead of B and
all of other computers start with upper case, I tried to recompile it I
think I tried pretty much everything to let it goes in "My Network Places"
BUT nothen worked for me.

I look forward to hear the solution please.



Need Help!

Post by Sebastian Mellman » Sat, 06 Apr 2002 17:06:04

You are usin security = user, right ? Have the same problem here. Someone
told me that this is a windows bug. But you can access the samba server ?



Need Help!

Post by Big Ni » Sat, 06 Apr 2002 18:32:58

On Fri, 5 Apr 2002 10:06:04 +0200, "Sebastian Mellmann"

>You are usin security = user, right ? Have the same problem here. Someone
>told me that this is a windows bug. But you can access the samba server ?


Do you have "remote announce=" the subnet your w2k box is on. and,
ar your smb shares set "browsable=yes" ?

No probs here.


1. Aaargh ... need to vent ... need help

I was "evaluating" GFI's Mail Essential 7 for one of my customers for use as
a server based Spam filter product.

So, I installed it on my home/test system first (thank goodness). I'm using
the POP3 connector, and GFI informed me that I would have to use their POP3
connector program in order for ME7 to work.  SO .... I ran ICW and disabled
POP3.  I then installed ME7 and configured their POP3 connector software
(which they name POP2 ... go figure).  Things seemed to be working just
fine.  Configured and tested the spam filtering.  Configured their
Disclaimer feature. Everything up and running --- enough for one night. So,
I decided to let things just sit and run overnight.

Next day, I thought ...hhmmmm, I wonder if switching the POP3 connector
could somehowl affect Trend OfficeScan for SBS?

First clue that something was wrong ... when I opened up Trend's OfficeScan
Mgmt Console from the server console, and it comes up with a 'Enter Network
Password' window --- which wants me to enter the user name. password and
domain.  No matter what I enter, it doesn't accept it.  Oh, shoot --what's
going on?

Now the ScanMail Mgmt Console works, but not either of the two web/browser
based utilities --- they both want me to log in to the network, and even
using the administrator password does not help.

So, I went "outside" and configured an email containing the test EICAR file
as an attachment.  When my server picked it up, guess what ---  the Trend
real time monitor did *NOT* pick it up.  That's when I realized it hadn't
been picking up any viruses since the previous day.

I did a full manual virus scan of my server ... and found a couple of
quarantined Worm.Klez.H virused files.  Fortunately, although the real time
monitor did not pick it up, the scheduled virus scan did. Cr*p, I
thought --- what if something else got through --like CodeRed?

I ran the Code Red detection utility, even though I knew I was patched, and
it told me that one of the files was not patched, as if MS01-044 had never
been applied.  But it had, because I had it on my system!  But I went ahead,
and reran the patch again. Then reran the CodeRed detection program, and
said it did not find any trace of the Trojan file associated with Code Red.

Now here's what I need help with:

1. Making Trend's web/browser based mgmt console programs to work
2. I'm now starting to get some automatically generated  *undeliverable*
messages in Outlook such as:

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.
Subject: Hello,im,questionnaire
Sent: 7/22/2002 11:01 AM
The following recipient(s) could not be reached

The e-mail address could not be found. Perhaps the recipient moved to a
different e-mail organization, or there was a mistake in the address. Check
the address and try again. < #5.1.2>

Any suggestions ???

BTW, I took off GFI ME7, and reestablish SBS2K's POP3 connector.

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