Update 1 on my problem

Update 1 on my problem

Post by Jo » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 04:16:50

After reading all the postings, I did a bit of research.
This is what I found:

1. In my client machine
- it is a Window 2000 5.00.2195 Service Pack 2
- it has only one active network connection (netelligent 10/100 tx pci)
---- it has three components
---- 1. client for microsoft network
---- 2. file and print sharing for microsoft networks
---- 3. internet protocol tcp/ip

2. For the samba running in Solaris 5.8,
- the samba version running there is 2.2.4
- it has the parameter TCP_NODELAY set


- Since my window 2000 is in SP2, does it mean I can ignore
the Shaun Marolf's SP4 issue? Is there more I can do in the
client side?

- Should I install some newer SP to the win2k?

- My samba is in 2.2.4, should I upgrade to a newer version?
What version is good and less trouble for me?