Word 6 / WfWg / Linux 2.0 problems

Word 6 / WfWg / Linux 2.0 problems

Post by Mike Spiv » Sat, 14 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I'm having problems with Word documents stored on a Samba server.
Does any of this sound familiar?

The set-up is

(One side)

        Word 6.0c, WfWg 3.11, Microsoft TCP/IP 32

(The other side)

        Samba 1.9.15p8, Linux 2.0 (slackware).

Everything works fine when I (e.g.) copy files around with the File

With Word, small documents seem ok, but saving a large document causes
Word to spend 2-3 minutes in a state where it sends 2-3 read-raw
requests per second to the file server: the lights on my net hub flash
slowly and rythmically, and the log.smb trace reveals what's going on.
After a long delay, Word eventually starts responding to events again,
but usually dies soon afterwards.

I've tried various things blindly (like increasing the Net heap size
and trying 16 bit TCP/IP instead) but with no effect.  I have a hunch
that OLE embedded objects might be the source of trouble, but that's
just a hunch.

-- Mike


1. Printing problems with Linux, samba-1.9.02, and word 6 files

Hi everybody!

I'm having troubles printing word 6 files with pictures, it prints
everything but pictures. Sometimes it prints symbols inside pictures
but drawings are missed.

My configuration is:

Linux 1.1.87 with samba-1.9.02
WFWG clients

I think I saw this discussed before but I don't know where, does
someone have a clue on this? Is this a samba bug? I can print the same
file using postscript (the printer used is a HP Laserjet IIIP) but
users prefer without it for speed sake.

What happened to samba mailing list? I don't receive any message for
sometime already!

By the way, is there anyone with a similar configuration who has
achieved browsing to work? I was unable until now, so I need some

Luis Neves

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