Using Samba - New version of packaged HTML

Using Samba - New version of packaged HTML

Post by Jay » Sat, 29 Jan 2000 04:00:00

                      Metran Technology's
                    Web Publishing Division
                         A New Update
                      the HTML Version of

                      +++ Using Samba +++

                        A Free Download


                       Samba Everywhere!

New in this version:

- Fast and reliable FTP/HTTP server provided by Hurricane Electric
  <>, plus some mirror servers.  Many people had
  trouble downloading the first release when it was announced, due
  to insufficent Internet services.  That problem has been (hopefully
  100%) rectified.

- Many more typographical errors fixed.  Most were pretty minor, but
  some of the typos adversely affected the technical content that was

All in all, this is a much more polished release than the one that I
announced in December.  There are still things that need to be done
(like a functional index, for example) but I'm otherwise pretty happy
with it.  In other words, please find some problems and complain about
them! :)

Jay Ts
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1. Using Samba in HTML available for easy download

        An enhanced and easily-downloaded HTML version
        of O'Reilly's Open Content book "Using Samba"

        (tarred and gzipped, for Unix)
        (zip format for Windows)

Also available from my website, at:

Modifications include:

- packaged for ease of downloading and installation

- typographical errors fixed:
        improper vertical and horizontal whitespace that
        mangled text, as well as other errors apparently
        resulting from machine translation(?).

- enhanced/fixed hypertext linking:
        + more detailed table of contents
        + interlinking among chapters

If you find any errors, please report them!

Jay Ts

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