Compiling Samba on Sco Rel 5 for Sco Rel 3.0

Compiling Samba on Sco Rel 5 for Sco Rel 3.0

Post by C. Discenn » Fri, 11 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Would anyone know if there is a way to compile

Samba on Sco Openserver Rel 5 and have it run successfully on

Sco Openserver Network Rel 3.0


1. samba 3.0a rel 17 w/o ldap support?


I just compiled my rel17 sources with the ldapsam-option, but testparm
tells me that it finds the unknown parameter "ldap server". So is ldap
disabled in the current releases of the 3.0-tree?

In fact, I wanted to try the new group mapping functionality in conjunction
with ldap (both are very important to me).

CU, Lars.

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