XP Windows Explorer slow with Samba - solution

XP Windows Explorer slow with Samba - solution

Post by crai » Sun, 22 Jun 2003 02:46:51


Jus a quick easily searched post to say that after recent problems
with slow 'hanging' like behaviour when connecting to Samba shares
with Windows XP Professional, the knowledgable people of
comp.protocols.smb provided the answer.

The solution was to disable the 'Web client' service. After this
connecting to shares was up to normal speed - instead of approx. 20
secs delay.




1. Windows 2000 Workstation Slow Explorer windows update

I suspect this isn't an SBS releated issue but hope somebody here may have
come across it recently.
I've found no real help at MS.

I have a Win2K SP3 Workstation with upto date patches etc via windows
update. Has been working fine for 4 months or so.
Used it  a few days ago and noticed that opening folders or network
locations was taking an age. I suspected a network problem.
Then discovered that if a slightly moved the busy explorer window on the
screen the contents would appear.
It's as if the screen update freezes until it needs to be refreshed due to
moving the window.
For explorer boxes I found turning off enable web contents in folders,
solved the problem but I get the same effect when browsing websites with IE
(6 sp1) which obviously has to have web contents. I expect it's an IExplorer
problem and have tried re-installing IE6 Sp1 but the result is the same.
Not sure when the problem appeared so not easy to start removing software to
find if that is the cause.
Next step will be to try a re-install of the OS over it's self but an
informed solution would save a lot of work.
Hoping somebody else has already slved this

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