SMB over PPP

SMB over PPP

Post by Chris Forsstr » Wed, 11 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I have been trying to get SMB to work over a PPP link but have had no success
so far.  Right now I have a samba server running on Redhat Linux v3.0.3 that is
connected through ethernet to my desktop win95 machine.  The desktop and linux
box have no trouble talking to each other over SMB.  I also want to be able to
dial into the linux box from a remote laptop (also running win95) and connect
to files on it as well as the win95 PC.  I have the PPP link working, but the
laptop can't see any SMB services except itself when I browse the "Network
Neighborhood".  It can run telnet and Internet Explorer to the linux box
(though this is pointless since the laptop is dialing in on the phone line I
use for my internet access) so I know the PPP link is transmitting TCP/IP
signals and is working.  Any ideas as to what isn't set up or working?  Is
there something that needs to be set in the PPP settings, or is it in Samba?  
Do you think the problem is in the laptop or the linux server?  Is this type of
connection even possible?  Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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Does anyone know of a way for a linux box to route SMB over a dialup?

I have a auto-dialing Linux machine which is the gateway, running Named and
Socks to provide HTTP/FTP/... to my network. I want it to dial a NT machine
(RAS) and then connect to its shares from a Win95 machine on my network.

I am assuming that something has to be on the gateway to pick up the SMB
type packets and transfer them to/from the dialup.


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