Win95 won't browse Samba shares over dial-up PPP

Win95 won't browse Samba shares over dial-up PPP

Post by Arthur F. Tyde I » Tue, 05 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Hello All,

I can access my shares over the network just fine, then when I go mobile and dial in
to the system via PPP I can't seem to access anything via. Samba.

How can I go about getting this to work?

Many thanks, Arthur Tyde


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I have a very unusual problem with Win95 dial-up networking and SAMBA,
from a
browsing perspective:

1.    We have a Solaris 2.5.1 Server running Samba 1.9.16p11. This SAMBA
is setup as our Browse master and "Workgroup" login authentication
server. On our local LAN, all file and print services work fine on the
95 clients (NT is another
issue, but I have my hands around that problem)

2. The problem we have is that the first time we dial-up to our ppp
server (US Robotics
Netserver, using TCP/IP over PPP only, no netbeui), we are able to
browse our
workgroup and see all of the servers, with normal access to the shares

However, if we exit the PPP session and then establish a second session,
let's say within
an hour or two, everything appears to go fine. Except, that this time
when we go
to browse the network we get an "access denied" error and can NOT see
any netbios servers in the browse window (Network Neighborhood). This
to be pretty consistent.

This presents a real problem to those users who want to remotely access
from Netbios servers, such as their Win95 desktop at work. I have put
SAMBA nmb server in debug-mode but have found nothing of particular
interest. I can however, force the second PPP session to work by
removing the
/tmp/wins.dat file, and killing all running nmbd's (they are controlled
by inetd).

The Win95 systems are NOT running any service packs, and they work fine
on our LAN, the only problem is when they connect thru the Dial-Up
Keep in mind that we never have a problem with authentication, as it
to the user, only when we browse the Network Neighborhood after that
second PPP connection do we get this error.

Any thoughts or suggestions ??

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