HP 4000 printer PCL printer driver problem

HP 4000 printer PCL printer driver problem

Post by Damija » Tue, 19 Feb 2002 21:37:42


I have HP 4000 printer on samba 2.2.3. I can install drivers from samba
on WIn98, WinNt4.0 and Win2000 clients. The problem is that only PCL6 /
PCL5e drivers for Win98 are working o.k. With WinNT and Win2000
everythings works (e.g. printing test page, Word freezes when selecting
PCL driver) sloooow or even freezes application. PostScript driver works
o.k. for all clients.

PCL driver, when installed localy (not automatic download and install
from samba) works o.k.

Any idea why?




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Installing Samba on HP-UX 9.0 was really easy. However, I have a problem
to get Samba to print from a WfW Client. The only result I can get is the
banner and one page with "line to long" printed on it.

I can print a ASCII-file from a DOS-Window using
net use lpt1: \\name\printer
print filename.

The printer is a HP Laserjet II on a remote machine running HP-UX 7.0.

I don't have any problems printing under UNIX or using our current
HP-Lanmanager 2.2.

Does someone know the solution for this problem?


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