cdrom tower problems

cdrom tower problems

Post by Anthony Ewel » Mon, 08 Jan 2001 16:51:16



   I am running a red hat 7.0 samba server.  I have
a cdrom tower attached (seven SCSI-2 drives).  My
clients are 5 NT4's and 6 W95's.

     I am using (smb.conf) "root preexec" and "root postexec"
to mount and dismount the cdrom disks.  The users
mounts all of the CD-ROM's as a drive letter and never
disconnect from them.  (Several of their programs
require a permanent drive letter be assigned to their
respective cdrom drive in the tower.)

  This makes changing the disks a problem.  (Their content
changes on a weekly basis.)

    So, I installed (an smb.conf) "deadtime" of ten minutes.
 Presto! I can now removed the disks after ten minutes if
 the clients are not attached to any of the files on the cdrom

    But,  the next time the client wants to use the disk, he get the
 empty mount point and not the cdrom disk.  In other words,
 after he gets deadtimed off the cdrom, he doesn't trigger
 "root preexec" because he is already logged on.

    Does anyone have a better way of doing this?  Is there a
way to get the "root preexec" to re-execute after they have
been deadtimed?

Many thanks,


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The players:

Small Business Server 4.5 [the normal SP, patches, etc.]
ProCom CDrom Tower running Dataforce software 3.X
Windows 2000 clients.

If the CDrom tower is mapped to a Windows 2000 client, the browsing to
mapped drives in the pull down arrow is horrendously slow [especially
the first time you browse after boot up].  Blow off this mapped CDrom
tower and the Windows 2000 clients speed right back up again.

Okay...know what the problem is.  Received newer software for tower.
Didn't fix problem.  They said on the phone that software supporting
active directory won't be out until September.

Question:  the slow down of browsing being caused on the Win 2K
machines...does anyone know if making the cdrom software "AD" compatible
will fix my Win2K workstation problem?  Should I retire this tower and
just buy a couple of cd rom drives for my new server as most of my tax
research is going to online [asp models] anyway?

Susan Bradley

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