Win2K/Unix SMB Printing

Win2K/Unix SMB Printing

Post by Tim Daneliu » Wed, 31 Jul 2002 12:30:05

I have a local workgroup defined which accesses a shared printer hosted on
a Win2K machine.  It works fine, but I end up having to create an account
on Win2K for each user wishing to print. Is there a way to set up an
'anonymous' or group printer share so that all Win32/Unix users could
access the printer on a given subnet w/o having to explictly name
each user on the printer server?

Tim Daneliuk


1. Win2K printing to SaMBa Print Server

We have a RedHat 7.2 box running the latest version od SaMBa and are having
problems with the "advanced printing features" in Win2K clients.

I have two printers setup on a Win2K box, one directly printing to an HP
JetDirect card and another going through the SaMBa/Linux box.  On the
advanced tab of the printer properties, even though I have chosen "Enable
Advnced Printing Features", the printer that is using the SaMBa/Linux box
does not appear to be using that setting.  It is "checked", however, when I
view both printer system settings, that feature is not present on the
SaMBa/Linux box.

I looked through the posts here and I didn't see an answer, I apologize if
it has been addressed already, but can anyone help!!!!!


Georgia Tech Research Institute

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