SAMBA 2.0.0: nmbd always die when the master browser is offline!

SAMBA 2.0.0: nmbd always die when the master browser is offline!

Post by Ken H » Tue, 09 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Hi all

I found an annoying problem. I discovered that the nmbd will die when I
shutdown my NT server. From smbclient, I know the master browser. There
is no trace logged in the log.nmb! I am pretty sure that it does *not*
occur on Samba 1.9.x.. Is it a bug?



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Well the post i posted in early March under this Subject title is
going to have a *very* unhappy ending for us here:

The information i got in March from [they shall remain nameless] was
as follows:

1. although putting a Windows PDC on a network already serviced by a
SAMBA DOMAIN SERVER would cause a struggle between the two (degrading
performance), eventually the machine with the longest uptime would WIN
THE ELECTION and remain the PDC.

and the contradictory

2. If a Windows 2000 PDC were servicing a network and i added a SAMBA
server to the same NETBIOS DOMAIN then the Windows PDC would
*likewise* lose new domain logins to the SAMBA DOMAIN server.

i had a choice of accepting the loss of my File Server to Windows 2000
or introducing this challenge.  Sadly to report SAMBA *failed* on both

The Windows PDC raped the domain logins every time and became the
Master Browser, and the Windows PDC did not relinquish domain login
service *despite* the fact that my UNIX server has an uptime of 40

in the wake of his triumph, the Windows guru demanded we hand over
DHCP services to the Windows server, effectively handing over control
of all the network's ip and mac addresses.

And that's that.

SAMBA's so-called master-browser service is incapable of maintaining
its control.  What good is it?  If i had known this in the beginning i
would have happily have handed over the NetBIOS login service and been
done with it.

And this is the point:
Non-technical people (managers, salesmen, users) don't give a damn
about these issues and just want to see a transparent network.  When a
problem appears and UNIX or SAMBA can't make it go away (even if the
cause of the problem is Windows) then it *is* perceived as a
UNIX/SAMBA problem.

Just consider this future reference for those involved in cross
platform engineering (i assume the *majority* on comp.unix.admin)

PS- people:
samba was a great idea and thanks
but currently, ultimately it can't achieve its goal.

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